Weathered Cottage

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Weathered Cottage

$6.25 per square ft. $9.00 per lineal ft. Prices Are Per Box.

This is a line of rock we have added only recently. The response has been very good. Weathered Cottage appears to be a soft stone such as sand stone that has been beat upon by wind and rain for many years. For an ancient, even medieval look, perhaps covered in part by vines, you will have your 200 year old home look with a modern interior with a huge old fire place and copper pot and pans hanging in the kitchen.

However if a 200 year old looking home, done in your color to fit your tastes and décor is what you want, then we can certainly help.

Flats come in a box of 10 square feet, corners come in a box containing 7 lineal feet. All products are factory pickup.