Installing Stone Veneer

Recommended Installation

  • Exterior wall needs to be 2 x 6″ studs with 5/8 OSB or plywood nailed to the studs with nails 4″ on center. Cover with one layer of tar paper of a minimum of 30 weight.
  • Apply a layer of galvanized diamond metal mesh. stapling it to the OSB or plywood with 1 1/4″ galvanized roofing staples at 4″ on center grid.
  • Apply a layer of type “S” mortar as a scratch coat.
  • Apply a coat of type “S” mortar to the back of the manufactured stone and apply the stone to the scratch coat.
  • Make sure mortar joints are sufficiently filled to prevent water from getting between the rock and the wall.
  • Stones may be sealed with a sealer after they are applied and cleaned.