SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

 SIP's or Structural Insulated Panels are a 21st century composite material that provides the benefits of insulation and structural performance in a single building product. Sip's consist of EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation laminated with structural adhesives to oriented strand board structural sheathing. SIP panels benefit from the unique characteristics of composites - the simple sandwich panel forms an amazingly strong insulated panel for building walls, roofs and floors for SIP homes or commercial building.

Benefits of using SIP's

1. Comfort: Wen a structure is built with SIP's, it creates an interior environment that blocks wind and moisture, is very quiet, and clean.

2. Construction Speed: SIP's  are a faster method of construction because they reduce framing time by as much as 50% compared to conventional stick frame methods.

3. Energy Efficiency: SIP's are one of the most airtight and well insulated building systems available reducing energy consumption.

4. Green Building: SIP's reduce their impact on the environment by using component materials that are earth friendly and helps create a green building that uses less energy.

5. Strength: SIP's are a strong method of construction and can outperform conventional methods in both structural testing and the real world winds and earthquakes.

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